Insights on Hair Loss and Baldness

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Hair loss is a common occurrence. In both men and women once they reach midlife. It can have immense effects on the psychological and emotional well-being of an individual. There are several products advertised that pose themselves as the perfect cures for baldness.

Effects of hair loss

Not many are aware that forty percent of people who suffer from hair loss are women. This figure is way higher when it comes to men. Surprisingly, when men lose their hair, they will still be seen as attractive. However, this might not be the same case with women. This is why women are more aggressive when it comes to shopping for supplement that cure hair loss. The women end up investing a lot of resources, time, energy and emotions on finding a working treatment. In worst case scenarios the women experiencing hair loss are left traumatized, and this affects their social life with their partner or spouse. The hair loss industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars, just as much as the over-the-counter flu market. Unfortunately, just about 99 percent of the products on retail does not work.

So what brings about hair loss?

poor dietThe hair loss treatments administered depend on what causes your hair loss. For instance, there are several reasons why men and women lose their hair. This might be brought about by stress, hormones, certain medications, poor diets, heredity, and chemical hairstyles.

At times these factors arise from a combination of these factors. One might lose hair from stress after a recent surgery or is undergoing medication. The male pattern baldness arises from hormones that are passed down over the years. Hair Baldness is common among men whose bodies are sensitive to the DHT hormone.

When you are uncertain on what brings about this hair loss, visit an experienced dermatologist. They will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis which includes testing the blood for nutrient deficiencies as they examine the scalp seeking out patterns of hair loss that arise from a skin biopsy. This is later followed by family information and their medical lifestyle. Once you determine the cause of hair loss, you are to pick the right targeted treatments which will help the hair regrow.

Hair loss treatments

It is rumored that hair loss is permanent, this is not entirely true. If it arises from stress or nutrient deficiency, its effects are temporary. Achieving regrowth is such situations can be arrived at by addressing the causes. You are tasked with consuming more zinc and iron-rich foods, in addition to balancing your stress levels. This strategy is effective but slow; it may take several months before you witness any remarkable change.

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Hair loss that arises out of your genetic body composition is permanent as well as any other form that involves a scarred scalp. Scarring can arise from chemical hair styling or tightly fitted ponytails. It is not surprising that hair loss is a common occurrence among African women. In extreme cases, scarring can trigger autoimmune disorders. In such a case the woman remains with few options to achieve hair regrowth.

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