car painting

DIY: Tips on How to Paint a Car

A car is a means of transportation, a home, or a status symbol in the modern world. Part of car maintenance is applying a new coat of paint when you can visibly see that the paint has been chipped, scratched, or washed up. Going to an expert may prove to be super expensive for a task that you can comfortably do in your garage, given that you have ample time and patience. Here are some tips on how to paint a car.

Assemble All Your Requirements

You must assemble what you need before you start the process. Items such as sandpaper, a sander, masking tape, old newspapers, spray gun, and a buffer are all essential. You also need a reasonable amount of paint according to your car’s size. Be sure to have the right shade of color by using a color code to be as precise as possible.

Prep Your Work Space

Your work space should be a fairly open space that gives you room to move about without touching …