What type of motorcycle jacket is the best?



Do you ride motocross in the mountains, or are are you into winding mountainous roads? Do you live in a place with a long summer or rainy season or do you have four seasons with rain, sleet, and hail?

In this brief article, we are going to discuss the best type of motorcycle jacket for your type of riding.

What to consider

Firstly, we need you to consider what kind of rider you are. Are you, for example, a highway driver, mountain jumper or back road cruiser? Also, what is your riding style? Is it laid back or is aggressive? To be clear, during a long highway drive at 70 plus miles an hour, you can ride on almost any type of street legal bike but are you kicked back on a cruiser or are you over your handlebars waiting for a high-speed curve?

Just like you chose your motorbike and riding style, choosing your riding gear is just as important.

Let’s first compare and decide what kind of rider you are.


A tourer is someone who goes on long rides. A touring style of rider will often be on the highway, but they may also do long stretches of dirt roads at high speeds. A touring style of rider will also encounter many different types of weather conditions as their journey may take them from sea level to above 14,000 feet. Also, the distances in which a tourer will encounter will require gear that is breathable, rainproof and comes with a removable liner.


Adventurer/Dual Sport

Dual sport means paved roads and back roads. Growing up in a motorcycle enthusiast’s family, we always used the word enduro. Enduro riding was my favorite type of all. I would use a paved road it seemed only to get to the dirt roads and off-roading type of terrain that I truly loved.

In this case, maneuverability is a key. Breathability, padding in critical areas like elbows, back and shoulders is also important. Although I recommend neck padding in all riding conditions and with all styles of riding, neck padding may have been too hot and uncomfortable to me. This, of course, is up to you.


In this style of riding, function overrides form. We will never sacrifice looking good, however. Padding in this style of riding is of most importance. Be sure to choose a jacket with rigid style padding as opposed to cushion or foam style padding. A chest pad is a common feature of this style of riding accessory.


Leather and soft cushioning in critical areas come to mind but with this so does breathability, overall comfort (fit), and durability of the materials.


jhfdhjdhd74Racing is the most specific style of riding of all. In this case, form fitting, aerodynamics, and padding are the essential components of a racing jacket. Also, of course, is neck padding.

Be safe, have fun, and get let’s hit the road in comfort, style, and durability which will fit your riding style and needs.

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